Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven Knowing she owed an apology was one thing. Making it was quite another. Shame pooled like acid in her belly when she thought about every time she’d snubbed or snapped at Haseena and the anger that she’d had the audacity to feel against the older woman had evaporated, replaced by the shame of … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Seven

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Five

Chapter Five “What?!” Saami’ah only just managed to keep her plate from crashing to the floor. “What did you just say to me?” “Take it off,” Adnaan said with a shrug. “I don’t know why you’ve been wearing it in the house so long anyway. It’s not like you have to.” Saami’ah scrunched up her … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Five

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Four

Chapter Four ‘Yet another awkward meal,’ Saami’ah thought grumpily as she entered her bedroom, dropping her handbag with a sigh of relief. She turned automatically and locked the door behind herself, happily ignoring the rule Haseena had put in place. Lunch had been so awkward that she had barely gotten a chance to eat and … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Four

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Two

Chapter Two She’d been wrong. It had been worse than she could ever have imagined. Her father had choked at the sight of her and had needed to be pounded on the back by his step-son for several minutes before he recovered. ‘If having me around makes him so uncomfortable, why on Earth did he … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Two

Fiction: Masquerade Prologue

Re-post alert! The original site I'd been contributing this story to was shut down a few months ago and so I'm sharing it here. For those who've read it before, new content begins at Chapter Thirteen. Prologue Saami’ah Vally stood in front of her mirror, examining her reflection with a critical eye. She adjusted the … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Prologue