Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Twenty Three

Chapter Twenty Three Daaem seriously debated throwing his phone in the trash rather than letting it vibrate itself to death any longer. His father had been calling incessantly for the past ten minutes and he was in no mood to deal with the old man. But Ameer didn’t seem to be getting the hint. Clearly, … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Twenty Three

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Twenty Two

Chapter Twenty Two “Hello?” “Aabirah, finally! I’ve been calling you all day, why haven’t you been answering?” Aabirah had never heard Qasim sound quite so off-balance. “I was on a plane,” she explained. “Why did you call?” “Have you seen the news? Dad’s been arrested.” “I saw.” “Well, thanks for the concern,” Qasim said sarcastically. … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Twenty Two

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen Daaem stared at Aabirah as she sat down to breakfast, still clad in raw silk which by now looked rather pathetically crumpled. The bathroom in her bedroom had been amply stocked but she hadn’t found her suitcase or a maid and had been forced to stay in the dress she’d been wearing until … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fourteen

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen The butterflies in Aabirah’s stomach seemed to have been joined by a troop of bees. She was nauseous and her stomach felt like it was filled with acid. She wanted to turn around and flee but that was out of the question. She’d attended dozens of events bigger than this one but that … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirteen

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Ten

Why are we putting Transmutation back up? Because it's been edited... and I might have something else up my sleeve. Start your reread and wait for the end 😀 Chapter Ten Six months. Daaem had been married for six months. Because of this, Daaem had been celibate for six months – something that hadn’t happened … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Ten