Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirty Four

Chapter Thirty Four “Mr. Shaik, how are you feeling?” Ameer had finally returned with the doctor. “Oh, I didn’t realize you had a visitor. I’m sorry for interrupting.” “He was just leaving,” Daaem assured the doctor. “No, I wasn’t,” Adam said pleasantly. “I’ll wait outside until you’re done.” With that, he left the room. Daaem … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirty Four

Fiction: Conning Happiness

Conning Happiness I felt like killing myself today. I feel like killing myself pretty often when certain things happen. The easier thing would be to remove those things from my life. To just become divorced from them. But I’m afraid, you see. Because those things – they can sometimes be good. Sometimes. I talk about … Continue reading Fiction: Conning Happiness

Resisting Taqdeer: Mirzaq’s Suicide Note, An Excerpt

This is not the full note. The full note will never be written - it's explicit and dark and gross. But this will give you an idea. It's been cut just before Mirzaq begins to rant; about Azraa, Amira, even his parents. - I didn't want to do this. I wanted to make that clear. … Continue reading Resisting Taqdeer: Mirzaq’s Suicide Note, An Excerpt


This tweet is what motivated me to write the following piece. I did not click and read the article - as I write this I have still not read it, mostly because I'm a little afraid of the emotion it's going to invoke in me when I finally do read it.   Very often, … Continue reading Suicide