Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve She woke up somehow feeling more tired than she had when her head hit the pillow. Disentangling herself from the earphones that had somehow spent the whole night glued to her ears took longer than she’d ever thought could be possible – had they merged while she slept? Eventually, Saami’ah was free to … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twelve

Fiction: Shrinking

Shrinking Her eyes were heavy and her head ached. Another night of not enough sleep had turned the morning into a trial. All she wanted to do was slip back underneath the soft blankets covering her bed and refuse to come out of her cocoon until she felt better. Her stomach turned and she seriously … Continue reading Fiction: Shrinking


I hate getting sick. I hate the ache at the base of my neck that never seems to go away. I hate spending so much time sleeping or functioning at less than my best simply because my head is pounding and my eyes hurt or I can’t breathe properly, or my stomach is turning over, … Continue reading Sickness

The Seductress

Smoking kills. The warning ran rampant. Little children were warned away from beginning the habit by their anxious parents. Young men and women took it up to punish their parents, but even they understood the destructiveness of their actions. The trademark raspy voice of the past had gone from sexy to shameful, and the poor … Continue reading The Seductress