Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twenty Three

Chapter Twenty Three When Adnaan had darted into her room, firmly closing the door behind him, Saami’ah had thought there’d been a break in. Her brother wasn’t fleeing burglars though, just the noise that came with both parents periodically checking on him while he tried to sleep. He’d promised that he’d leave within an hour, … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twenty Three

Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Chapter Sixty Six

Chapter Sixty Six Rayyan’s eyes were wild when he stormed into my bedroom. Wordlessly, I lifted up Azmiah from where we’d been playing on her playmat and handed her to him. He snuggled her close, burying his head in her fluffy hair. “I’m using a baby to soothe myself. I’ve hit a new low.” I … Continue reading Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Chapter Sixty Six