Fiction: Unaware

  Block out the world. Block out everything in it and just focus. That was the only way to stay sane. But it was so loud! They were screaming loud enough to wake the dead, it felt like. He shoved a pillow over his face with a groan. It didn’t help. Their voices pushed through … Continue reading Fiction: Unaware

Fiction: Inescapable

Looking up at the night sky through the skylight, it felt like a portal to another world. There were only a scant few stars peeking through the darkness. If he tilted his head just right, he saw only the unfathomable black of the night. It would be so easy to get lost up there... One … Continue reading Fiction: Inescapable

Fiction: The Careful Heart

Warning: This is a very old story of mine. It's in need of a lot of polishing which I will likely never get round to doing because there's just no time. Read at your own peril.   A guarded heart is a careful heart. An open heart is a dangerous heart. This was Lina’s mantra. It had … Continue reading Fiction: The Careful Heart

Fiction: The Scent of Tea

  The scent of a perfectly brewed cup of tea surrounded me and I immediately began to smile. No matter where I was, no matter how sore my heart and tattered my spirit, a good cup of tea always made me feel a little better. It was our ritual, you see. Every time we saw … Continue reading Fiction: The Scent of Tea

100 Words a Day: Day 15

This is the last prompt I'll be uploading here for a bit. I plan to keep writing these but I'll probably upload them in batches instead In Shaa Allah. Prompt: Wolf There was a wolf on his wall. Not a real wolf, just a poster of one. His father had been the one to put … Continue reading 100 Words a Day: Day 15