Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Three

Chapter Three Saami’ah hated Saturdays. “Saami’ah?” Haseena knocked lightly on the door. “Can I come in?” In the middle of brushing her hair, Saami’ah seriously considered ignoring the woman. Haseena tapped on the door again. “Saami’ah?” “Come in,” she gave in. The door swung open immediately and Saami’ah’s stepmother hurried in as though afraid she … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Three

Self Care & Self Acceptance

Assalaamualaykum everyone. Yesterday I had the chance to do something amazing - I spoke to a group of women at the opening of a womens only salon about self-care and self-acceptance. It was a wonderful event Alhamdulilah but it couldn't be attended by many because of distance and other constraints so I asked my followers … Continue reading Self Care & Self Acceptance