Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen All he wanted was some privacy to get himself under control, so of course his father was waiting in his bedroom. It was an effort to not just start crying anyway and keep going until Dad had given up on talking and left him to be miserable. But he didn’t want to cry … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Nineteen

Drowning on Dry Land

This is me reaching out to the people who are in a dark space and beating themselves up about it.   Keeping your head above water can be tough. Figuring out just what is dragging you down into the water is often not straight forward and the process can take so long that despite your … Continue reading Drowning on Dry Land

Fiction: Conning Happiness

Conning Happiness I felt like killing myself today. I feel like killing myself pretty often when certain things happen. The easier thing would be to remove those things from my life. To just become divorced from them. But I’m afraid, you see. Because those things – they can sometimes be good. Sometimes. I talk about … Continue reading Fiction: Conning Happiness

Clean Breaks

It’s late. I have a thousand things to do. I don’t really have time to dwell on the past. But that’s the funny thing about being human – we have precious little control over anything at all. Maybe that’s why we try so hard to find or make that control for ourselves.   I enjoy … Continue reading Clean Breaks

Console, Don’t Correct

Comfort, Reactions, Overcorrecting

Imagine that something terrible has happened to someone in your life. Imagine that they’ve been hurt or they’ve had a bad experience. What’s your first reaction? Are you going to make sure they’re alright? Are you going to try and make them feel better and help them get through the experience? Or are you going … Continue reading Console, Don’t Correct