Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Chapter Seventy Four

Chapter Seventy Four There was silence on the other end of the line. “Mom?” “Azraa, you don’t want to start this conversation.” The hair on the back of my neck stood up. My immediate reaction was to backpedal but I fought it. I’d done that far too many times already. I was tired of sticking … Continue reading Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Chapter Seventy Four

Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Interlude

She’d never thought it would happen to her. Her mother had praised her beauty since she’d been a baby, constantly boasting triumphantly that she’d borne the one who’d be used to further their lineage and net her father a pretty sum from whichever family in their community wanted a beautiful daughter in law. She would … Continue reading Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Interlude

Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Chapter Fifty Seven

Chapter Fifty Seven It took me over an hour to get Azmiah down to sleep. She seemed determined to play until her body gave out amongst an array of brightly coloured blocks. I had half a mind to ask Hajra what on Earth they’d been up to whilst I was in the garden to make … Continue reading Fiction: Resisting Taqdeer Chapter Fifty Seven

Fiction: Unaware

  Block out the world. Block out everything in it and just focus. That was the only way to stay sane. But it was so loud! They were screaming loud enough to wake the dead, it felt like. He shoved a pillow over his face with a groan. It didn’t help. Their voices pushed through … Continue reading Fiction: Unaware

Fiction: Inescapable

Looking up at the night sky through the skylight, it felt like a portal to another world. There were only a scant few stars peeking through the darkness. If he tilted his head just right, he saw only the unfathomable black of the night. It would be so easy to get lost up there... One … Continue reading Fiction: Inescapable