Managing Expectations

It's been ages since I've written a blog post. It feels like my life's been consumed by writing fiction these days and I pour all my attention into capturing the many emotions of the characters in my books and I don't have the energy to articulate my own - I haven't journaled in months. Now, … Continue reading Managing Expectations


This tweet is what motivated me to write the following piece. I did not click and read the article - as I write this I have still not read it, mostly because I'm a little afraid of the emotion it's going to invoke in me when I finally do read it.   Very often, … Continue reading Suicide

Self Care & Self Acceptance

Assalaamualaykum everyone. Yesterday I had the chance to do something amazing - I spoke to a group of women at the opening of a womens only salon about self-care and self-acceptance. It was a wonderful event Alhamdulilah but it couldn't be attended by many because of distance and other constraints so I asked my followers … Continue reading Self Care & Self Acceptance

Review: Reflections from Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration

Reflections from Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration is a self-help book written by Aisha Idris. It’s her debut self-help book and you can find it on Amazon here. I was sent a soft-copy to review a little while back, which some of you may know as I’ve mentioned it previously. The author recommends not … Continue reading Review: Reflections from Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration

Finding Blessings

Blessings, Gratitude, Instrospection

Count your blessings. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. There are times when it’s hard to find blessings. Days when it feels like everything is going wrong and there’s nothing good left in the world to find. How do you count your blessings when it feels like there aren’t any blessings left? Change your perspective. … Continue reading Finding Blessings