The Ugly Side of Perfectionism

Perfectionist, Perfectionism

Perfectionism. The tendency to want everything to be perfect. Down to the littlest detail. It’s seen as a strange little quirk, even sometimes held up as something to be admired by well-meaning parents of impressionable children who want them to be a little more attentive. But perfectionism can also result in some not so good … Continue reading The Ugly Side of Perfectionism


Clutter, Cleaning, Neat

That drawer filled with random rubbish (charger cords to phones that haven’t been used in at least five years, a pile of loose change, condiments from various restaurants) is what we call clutter. Wouldn’t it be fun to get rid of that? To chuck the cords, use the change, ditch the condiments? Of course it … Continue reading Decluttering

The Art of Juggling

Juggling, Juggler, Juggling Responsibility

Juggling can be defined as ‘the manipulation of objects for fun’. In layman's terms, it’s when you chuck a bunch of things in the air and pray that none of them give you a concussion. It’s been said that the trick to juggling is not in the catching but in the throwing. In other words, … Continue reading The Art of Juggling


Goals, Personal Goals, Milestones

Goals are a personal thing. My goals may be very different from your goals – that doesn’t make them any less important or valid. Goals are a necessary thing for motivation and determination – without anything to work towards, how can we ever keep ourselves going? Goals change as our priorities do. My goals are … Continue reading Goals


Procrastination, Putting Things Off

Procrastination is a motivation killer. It’s something I’ve become all too familiar with. I hate procrastination and I think fondly on the days before I began to procrastinate – the time before I was around ten, I believe. There are ways around procrastination – it is, in fact, possible to procrastinate doing something productive by … Continue reading Procrastination