Everything is Going Wrong

Rock Bottom, Problems, Negativity

We’ve all had those days. Days when it feels like the pressure’s too much and there’s a mountain on our shoulders that just can’t be dropped. What do you do in a situation like that? Do you just ignore the difficulty, put your head down and keep stubbornly pushing through? That sounds like the thing … Continue reading Everything is Going Wrong

Embracing Flaws

Flaws, Positivity,

I have a temper. I’m too attached to chocolate. I avoid confrontation even when it would be better not to. These are a couple of my flaws. Flaws are something we’re taught to conceal, out of shame and embarrassment. And perhaps there’s an element of truth to the assertion that no one wants to see … Continue reading Embracing Flaws

The Inevitability of Tragedy

Banner, The Inevitability of Tragedy, Sadness, Positivity

Tragedy is inevitable. And that’s a little terrifying.


Sabr, Islamic Concept, Islam, Patience

Sabr is an Arabic word that means patience. We are taught that we should be patient with what life throws at us and not dwell on the problems that life is throwing at us. That doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to feel sad or frustrated or annoyed by what happens to us, it means … Continue reading Sabr


Setbacks, Disaster, Problems

I don’t hate setbacks. I used to when I was younger. (I was an impatient child). But, I’ve come to appreciate setbacks. They always make me appreciate my position more. You see, while success does often inspire us to look back on our journeys, we often look back through the rose-coloured glasses of happiness and … Continue reading Setbacks