I hate getting sick. I hate the ache at the base of my neck that never seems to go away. I hate spending so much time sleeping or functioning at less than my best simply because my head is pounding and my eyes hurt or I can’t breathe properly, or my stomach is turning over, … Continue reading Sickness

Drowning on Dry Land

This is me reaching out to the people who are in a dark space and beating themselves up about it.   Keeping your head above water can be tough. Figuring out just what is dragging you down into the water is often not straight forward and the process can take so long that despite your … Continue reading Drowning on Dry Land

Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part Ten

Part Ten If I run into the woods screaming, how long will it take someone to decide to catch me and have me committed to a mental hospital? If the answer’s anything longer than four hours, it’ll be worth it to get some peace and quiet! Dad and S have been arguing for the past … Continue reading Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part Ten