Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten Saami’ah felt like she was going to crawl out of her own skin. She appreciated that they were trying to be nice and include her but if she didn’t get some alone time – and soon – she was going to run around the house shrieking like a wild animal. Figuratively. Probably. She … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Ten

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Two

Chapter Two She’d been wrong. It had been worse than she could ever have imagined. Her father had choked at the sight of her and had needed to be pounded on the back by his step-son for several minutes before he recovered. ‘If having me around makes him so uncomfortable, why on Earth did he … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Two

Fiction: Masquerade Prologue

Re-post alert! The original site I'd been contributing this story to was shut down a few months ago and so I'm sharing it here. For those who've read it before, new content begins at Chapter Thirteen. Prologue Saami’ah Vally stood in front of her mirror, examining her reflection with a critical eye. She adjusted the … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Prologue