Uncomfortable Truths

One of the most intoxicating things about many books and movies is the wish fulfillment. There are certain genres - chick lit, young and new adult, and children's stories - where you find this kind of wish fulfillment very often. Creators serve up lovely, balanced stories with no loose ends and the perfect happy ending … Continue reading Uncomfortable Truths

Managing Expectations

It's been ages since I've written a blog post. It feels like my life's been consumed by writing fiction these days and I pour all my attention into capturing the many emotions of the characters in my books and I don't have the energy to articulate my own - I haven't journaled in months. Now, … Continue reading Managing Expectations

The Comfort of Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom, Positivity, Positive

You’ve hit rock bottom. It seems like nothing else can go wrong and you’re in the middle of living the worst days of your life. It’s an awful place to be in, for sure. But there’s an odd sort of comfort in knowing that you’ve hit the absolute worst parts of life. Because you’re getting … Continue reading The Comfort of Rock Bottom

The Constancy of Learning

Learning, Library, Lessons

Life is full of lessons for those willing to pay attention and learn. I firmly believe that it’s possible to learn something new and valuable every single day until the day you die. And I also believe that it’s possible to nurture a constant passion for learning. But the key word there is nurture. Learning … Continue reading The Constancy of Learning

Throwing in the Towel (Hopeless Causes)

Giving Up, Hopeless Causes, Letting Go

I used to have a thing about failure. I had an even bigger thing about giving up on things because it was choosing to fail rather than having it forced upon you. The thought was completely foreign to me. You were meant to keep going until you died – hating what you were doing was … Continue reading Throwing in the Towel (Hopeless Causes)