Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen Saami’ah still didn’t quite understand what the big deal was – but the heart of the message was clear. She’d messed up big. She hated not being able to lock the door behind her, but Haseena had been crystal clear. Either the door stayed open, or there wouldn’t be a door. Saami’ah’d picked … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Fourteen

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve She woke up somehow feeling more tired than she had when her head hit the pillow. Disentangling herself from the earphones that had somehow spent the whole night glued to her ears took longer than she’d ever thought could be possible – had they merged while she slept? Eventually, Saami’ah was free to … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twelve


I hate getting sick. I hate the ache at the base of my neck that never seems to go away. I hate spending so much time sleeping or functioning at less than my best simply because my head is pounding and my eyes hurt or I can’t breathe properly, or my stomach is turning over, … Continue reading Sickness