Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven “You’re back!” A bubbly voice exclaimed. Saami’ah’s shoulders instinctively hunched and she peeked warily out of the corner of her eye to the left, where the noise had come from. Just as she’d feared, she could just make out the features of the pretty, pushy barista in her peripheral vision. “Have you been … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Eleven

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter One

Chapter One Laughter echoed through the house, shattering the silence. Saam’iah gritted her teeth and rolled over in bed, suppressing a scream of frustration. She looked over at the little clock on her bedside table and groaned. 23:49, the display read. She groaned again and fell back on the bed with an exasperated sigh. It … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter One

Fiction: Tarnished Chapter Two

Chapter Two If Adam didn’t stop fretting, Iman was going to feed him a sedative. She loved her husband madly but even love had weaknesses. It turned out that Iman’s love suffered from not being able to tolerate Adam hovering while making cryptic dire pronouncements and insisting she have a guard breathing down her neck … Continue reading Fiction: Tarnished Chapter Two

Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part Twelve

Part Twelve Envy. You might know it – it’s that thing with the horns. People say envy turns you green. I think it turns you grey. And not the pretty, grey, the one you see in the early mornings when dawn’s just breaking. I get envy these days. I used to think the grownups were … Continue reading Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part Twelve

Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part Ten

Part Ten If I run into the woods screaming, how long will it take someone to decide to catch me and have me committed to a mental hospital? If the answer’s anything longer than four hours, it’ll be worth it to get some peace and quiet! Dad and S have been arguing for the past … Continue reading Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part Ten