Gardening and my Lack of Green Thumb

Garden, Plants, Green Thumb, Black Thumb

Gardens have so much potential, don’t you think? I love them dearly. Sadly, I have a black thumb. I’ve bought pot plants no less than five times and none of them have ever survived longer than maybe a month. The irony is that my mother is the queen of gardening. Wonder where that talent went? … Continue reading Gardening and my Lack of Green Thumb

Adult Colouring Books

Colouring, Colour Therapy, Adult Colouring

Adult colouring books are rapidly becoming a thing. I was first exposed to them last year as a way of combating depression and, since at the time I was willing to try anything to get rid of my depression, I gave them a whirl. It didn’t work very well. This is probably because my artistic … Continue reading Adult Colouring Books


Writing, Writing Journey, Author

I’ve never written about writing before which just now strikes me as a bit strange. It’s such a big part of my life, it’s something that fills up hours of my day. So, let’s talk about writing a bit. It’s something that I didn’t appreciate being able to do at all until I stopped being … Continue reading Writing

My Happy Jar

Credit for this idea goes to both Ayesha Desai and Tasneem Basha for without them, I never would have done it. Yesterday, I sat down and made my very own Happy Jar. It wasn't very complicated in theory - pen, paper, jar. But then I had to think... What does make me happy? At first, … Continue reading My Happy Jar


Hobby, Baking, Cooking, Reading

My hobbies are not the worst in the world – I like to cook and bake, I like to write and I like to read. Three out of four of those hobbies could be turned into careers if I tried very, very hard and was willing to commit. I am, in fact, trying to make … Continue reading Hobbies