Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen Faiza flitted around the kitchen happily, relishing the rare experience of cooking for something that was neither a photo shoot nor so that she and Taahir had something to eat. She’d missed this. She’d missed cooking being something that made her happy, not frustrated and exhausted. ‘Thank goodness for Taskiya,’ she thought to … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Seventeen

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Sixteen

*Yawns* Stick a pin in me, I'm done. Enjoy and let me know what you think ❤ Chapter Sixteen Taahir watched as Faiza fell back onto their bed with a bounce. He frowned, biting back an admonishment about overworking. He knew that Faiza was ecstatic to have gotten her book out there. He was ecstatic … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Sixteen

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen Taskiya Mansoor had a tiny bit of a problem. If someone were to ask her, of course, she would fiercely deny this and insist that everything was fine. But the truth was, Taskiya did have a problem. And it was getting out of hand. It had all started years ago, when Taskiya was … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Fifteen

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen Faiza stared happily down at the book in her hands. She’d finally done it. She had finally published her very own cookbook. Taahir had been instrumental in the book’s publication. He had been the one to soothe all her fears, to hold her hand through the whole process and to motivate her when … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Fourteen

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen Faiza nibbled on her lower lip unhappily. She felt awkward and slightly foolish – Taahir didn’t seem to be very impressed with her new look. She was disappointed. She hadn’t expected him to be bowled over – even though she would have liked it – but she had expected something more than what … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Thirteen