Fiction: Hidden Blessings Epilogue

Epilogue Faaiza had been wrong. She’d had no way of knowing it then, but Taskiya Mansoor was eerily similar to a boil in an unsightly place – annoying, painful to live with, and difficult to make budge. She had the sense to avoid Faaiza herself but suddenly, she began to pop up everywhere and it … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Epilogue

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty One “Let go of the guilt, Taahir. You don’t deserve to hold on to it any longer,” Faiza whispers in his mind. Part of Taahir resists automatically. He does deserve this weight. He does. But the thought of dropping that weight is intoxicating. His wife’s words run through his mind over and over … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Twenty One

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty Taahir sat in his car, cursing silently. ‘It was her. It was her all along and Faiza loves her. How did this happen? How did my wife somehow meet the woman who I nearly ruined my life with?’ Taahir thought back to some of the things Faiza had mentioned about Taskiya and felt … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Twenty

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen ‘It can’t be her,’ he insisted to himself. ‘There’s no way. Mansoor is a common name, there must be other women with the same name as her. And Faiza would have told me if she’d made contact. It’s just a coincidence. A shocking, awful coincidence.’ Faiza looked at him expectantly. “Who is it, … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Nineteen

Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen “Faiza, listen to me,” Taahir begged. “Don’t overreact.” But Faiza was in no mood to listen. “How could you lie to me?” she choked out. “I asked you over and over and you just lied! I – how could you lie to me like that?” “I didn’t lie to you!” Taahir denied vehemently. … Continue reading Fiction: Hidden Blessings Chapter Eighteen