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Indulging yourself isn’t always a bad thing. I have a few indulgences that I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep, but then I’m a spoilt brat. My indulgences range from notebooks to good chocolate and tea. But they’re never that crazy. I’m far too much of a spendthrift to truly let myself get going the … Continue reading Indulgences


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White. Black. Red. Green. Bags or leaves. Milk or not. Sweetened, unsweetened. Hot or iced. Tea. Did you know that tea used to be a delicacy? Yup! Tea is a beloved beverage and has been for the longest time. I’ve loved tea for as long as I can remember. When I was little, it was … Continue reading Tea

Review: Frosted Amor

Frosted Amor is a home-industry business run by Pastry Chef Naeelah Vally. I’ve known about Frosted Amor for quite some time now since I’ve known Naeelah since primary school. (Side note: we lost touch for about 8 years in a long story that is not for this blog). So, I’ve wanted to try these cheesecakes … Continue reading Review: Frosted Amor

Review: Fofkys Online Bookstore & Coffee Shop

I received a beautiful box a few days ago from Fofkys after reviewing Sahar Abdulaziz's Tight Rope (which was fantastic, by the way, go read it!). I love the idea of an online book and coffee shop. It appeals to the lazy woman in me who doesn't want to deal with trekking out to get some snacks … Continue reading Review: Fofkys Online Bookstore & Coffee Shop


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I love cooking. I haven’t been doing it for all that long – only since December 2015. I started cooking in a bit of a strange way. You see, I’d just moved from university residence to an apartment – meaning that I no longer had access to the university’s dining halls. Uh oh, right? Not … Continue reading Cooking