Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty One

Chapter Forty One “Hello?” Aabirah said cautiously into the phone. Who on Earth could be phoning her? It wasn’t Daaem or her father-in-law... “Hi, Aabirah. This is Iman Cassim, I’m not sure if you remember me?” Aabirah frowned in confusion. “I don’t, I’m sorry. How did you get my number?” “I asked Daaem’s personal assistant,” … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty One

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty

Chapter Forty “I don’t know,” Daaem admitted. “Are you going to give up again and kill yourself?” Adam asked bluntly. “Or are you going to fight?” “I have been fighting!” Daaem screamed. He’d been fighting all along. Wasn’t he allowed to be tired? Wasn’t he allowed to want it to stop? “No, you haven’t. You … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty

Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part 13

Part 13 When I was sixteen, I babysat little kids. By that time, the money made a difference. It didn’t go to bills but it was what let me continue to enjoy the luxuries I’d been accustomed to. The kids I babysat didn’t have the kind of childhood I’d had – those children had nannies. … Continue reading Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part 13

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirty Nine

Chapter Thirty Nine Daaem had, despite himself, begun to like Adam, though he still thought the older man was insane. In the past few weeks, Daaem had found himself letting his guard down around Adam and though a part of him still whispered that he would regret it, he’d begun to enjoy talking to the … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirty Nine

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirty Eight

Chapter Thirty Eight “Can’t even kill myself right,” Daaem muttered morosely to himself. He’d been informed by his doctor that he’d very narrowly missed dying. Typical. It seemed like he narrowly missed everything these days. Now what? Daaem knew that he would be required to go for some kind of therapy at least – would … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Thirty Eight