Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty Three

Chapter Fifty Three Despite what everyone seemed to think, Daaem knew full well that what he was doing was not exactly healthy. But he couldn’t help himself. He needed to talk to Aabirah once last time – he didn’t have to see her in person. But he needed to say goodbye. He just needed to … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty Three

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty Two

Chapter Fifty Two She was gone. Aabirah was gone. He should have known something was wrong. She’d been acting so strangely... but he’d chalked it up to their damned prenup and the disaster her finding out about it had been. But it had been something more. Daaem had woken up with a sinking feeling in … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty Two

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty One

Chapter Fifty One Her bank balance was off by several zeroes, Aabirah realized with a puzzled frown. She clicked over to the transaction history and immediately found the reason for the sudden increase. Daaem. A 5 million dollar transfer made the previous afternoon, probably right after she’d left his office. A soft smile spread its … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty One

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty

Chapter Fifty ‘Red file, red file,’ Aabirah thought to herself as she scanned Daaem’s desk. ‘Where... There!’ She snatched it up and turned to go, pausing to disentangle a stapled together bundle that had come with accidentally. She wrinkled her nose. How could Daaem find anything in this mess. She glanced absently at the top … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Fifty

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty Eight

Chapter Forty Eight Ameer took one look at Daaem and grabbed him by the arm, steering him in the direction of his office. Daaem suppressed the urge to shake off the grip and hole himself up far away from his father. “Now will you tell me what’s wrong?” Ameer asked insistently. “And I don’t want … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty Eight