Review: The Ducktrinors

This review's going to be short and sweet since I'm also doing an interview with the lovely Papatia Feauxzar about just this series. The Ducktrinors is a compilation of the first two books in the Jihad Series. This series is not likely to be one you've come across before - Muslim sci-fi novels are few and … Continue reading Review: The Ducktrinors

Interview with Paptia Feauxzar

I was lucky enough to get a chance to ask publisher and author Papatia Feauxzar all the questions my curious little mind could come up with and I took full advantage of the opportunity. This interview is a long one - I limited myself a little as I had to but the word count is … Continue reading Interview with Paptia Feauxzar

Review: The Very Curious Tiger

  I was meant to do this review way back in November and somehow forgot all about it. Um... whoops? The Very Curious Tiger was written by Amina Kara and published by Prolance. You can get your own copy right here. First off, I have to say that the title is adorable and puts me … Continue reading Review: The Very Curious Tiger

Review: A is for Ankle

A is for Ankle was written by Dr. Erum Sethi. It was illustrated by Robin Boyer and has been published by Prolance. It can be purchased here. The point of A is for Ankle is to teach children about their anatomy in a fun and easy to understand way. A is for Ankle is intended as a teaching tool to … Continue reading Review: A is for Ankle

Review: The Blessed Bananas

The Blessed Bananas is a fable written by Tayyaba Syed and illustrated by Melani Putri and is published by Prolance. The Blessed Bananas is a sweet story which teaches about the beauty of generosity and, more importantly, about how we as Muslims should react to bad behavior. It is about an old, grumpy monkey named Rico who … Continue reading Review: The Blessed Bananas