Review: Gathering Petals

Gathering Petals is billed as ‘The Spiritual Journal for the Creative Muslim Woman’. Put together by Nabila Ikram, this journal consists of 145 actual journal pages, a foreword and introduction and one simple rule – that there are none. This journal is directed at women who are creative and enjoy being able to write or … Continue reading Review: Gathering Petals

Review: The Ducktrinors

This review's going to be short and sweet since I'm also doing an interview with the lovely Papatia Feauxzar about just this series. The Ducktrinors is a compilation of the first two books in the Jihad Series. This series is not likely to be one you've come across before - Muslim sci-fi novels are few and … Continue reading Review: The Ducktrinors

Review: Reflections from Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration

Reflections from Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration is a self-help book written by Aisha Idris. It’s her debut self-help book and you can find it on Amazon here. I was sent a soft-copy to review a little while back, which some of you may know as I’ve mentioned it previously. The author recommends not … Continue reading Review: Reflections from Life: A Muslim’s Guide to Inspiration

Review: The Very Curious Tiger

  I was meant to do this review way back in November and somehow forgot all about it. Um... whoops? The Very Curious Tiger was written by Amina Kara and published by Prolance. You can get your own copy right here. First off, I have to say that the title is adorable and puts me … Continue reading Review: The Very Curious Tiger

Review: His Other Wife

A little bit of back story – I first heard about Umm Zakiyyah when I saw the buzz about her South African tour. Before that, I had never come across her work – something that isn't particularly surprising since I've only been reading the work of Muslim authors for about half a year. I got … Continue reading Review: His Other Wife