Review: 1441 AH

I was sent an electronic version of this planner in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts about it. I am mad over planners. Everyone and their grandmother knows that if you show me a year planner, or a journal, or even a tiny sad-looking notebook without even a proper hardcover, I am the one to … Continue reading Review: 1441 AH

Review: Be You

Be You is a self-help book written by Kulsoom Kazim, containing her insight into common problems faced by women around the world and testimonials from clients that she's helped through her coaching business. The book is structured into sections, at the end of which there are exercises for the reader to complete so as to examine … Continue reading Review: Be You

Review: The 2018 Muslimah Today Conference

Muslimah Today is a yearly conference put together by a branch of ILM South Africa called ILM for Women. It’s described as a conference for women, about women, by women. This year’s Muslimah Today conference played host to ten speakers who spoke on a variety of topics centred around the main theme – Revisiting the … Continue reading Review: The 2018 Muslimah Today Conference

Review: In the Land of Strangers

In the Land of Strangers is a collection of short stories by Sri Lankan author Zeneefa Zaneer launching on the 14th. There are ten stories in this collection, all of them touching on a different aspect of family and familial issues. Zaneer is a very emotional author, using her stories to appeal to the reader’s … Continue reading Review: In the Land of Strangers

Review: Gathering Petals

Gathering Petals is billed as ‘The Spiritual Journal for the Creative Muslim Woman’. Put together by Nabila Ikram, this journal consists of 145 actual journal pages, a foreword and introduction and one simple rule – that there are none. This journal is directed at women who are creative and enjoy being able to write or … Continue reading Review: Gathering Petals