Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Seventy One

Chapter Seventy One Aabirah looked up and smiled as Daaem entered the room. She made to get up but stopped when he held up a hand. “You look comfortable, don’t move.” He seated himself next to her on the couch and dropped something in her lap. Aabirah leaned her head on Daaem’s shoulder. “What’s this?” … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Seventy One

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Seventy

Chapter Seventy “Nervous?” Iman asked. Aabirah shook her head. For once, she wasn’t nervous at all. “I feel really... stable. Is that strange?” “A little,” Iman allowed. “But then this situation is a little strange too, isn’t it?” “Just a little,” Aabirah agreed. “I’m getting married,” she said out loud, testing the words. “I’m getting … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Seventy

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Sixty Nine

Chapter Sixty Nine She had to make a decision. She had one day left and she had to make a decision. There was no more putting it off now, Aabirah thought, sighing wearily. She knew what she had to do, much as she hated it. But her throat closed whenever she thought of telling Iman … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Sixty Nine

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Sixty Eight

Chapter Sixty Eight “I’ve been trying to propose for a really long time,” Daaem admitted, blushing scarlet. “I just – it’s hard.” Harder than he’d ever expected it would be. He fumbled in his pocket and brought out the little box, holding it out to Aabirah. She said nothing. Was she going to turn him … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Sixty Eight

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Sixty Seven

Chapter Sixty Seven “Is that what I think it is?” Adam demanded. Daaem jumped and fumbled the little box in his hands, just barely catching it before it could fall to the floor. He glared at his friend. “Ever heard of knocking?” “I did. Twice. You didn’t hear me?” Daaem hadn’t. Adam held out a … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Sixty Seven