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So, I’ve never shared the pieces I write for other platforms on here before… But I really love this one. What do y’all think?


October’s guest contributor is Neymat Raboobee, the woman behind theimperfectmuslimah blog. She is a South African copy-editor, writer and professional cat lover.

Neymat has been an avid bookworm since she was five years old. She, like so many of us, read Harry Potter when she was seven years old and fell head over heels in love with the entire thing becoming an official fangirl. Since then, books have inhabited 64% of her heart at all times.

She is also a bookstagrammer under the handle thecrotchetybookworm. Her piece, entitled “Sudden Realizations” is all about books and their ability to unite us, the way they make us feel and their importance in the world. It has a little bit of everything with each paragraph presenting a new, intriguing thought. I really enjoyed it and found her perspective interesting. It is a very well-written piece and I’m sure you will enjoy it just…

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Scent Memory

I don’t have a strong nose. I think of scent as my weakest sense, even though I have nearsighted eyes to the power of -10. Even so, there are certain scents that’ll always get my attention. A few years ago, I had a kitchen fire after frying up some samosas. Five minutes ago, my mother … Continue reading Scent Memory

The Never-ending To Do List

When I’m sick, I turn into a horrible conversationalist because nothing sounds good anymore and all I can seem to focus on is that my body and I are two separate entities and I (my brain) am losing to it. This is wrong, of course. We cannot separate ourselves from our bodies, even though we … Continue reading The Never-ending To Do List

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twenty Four

Chapter Twenty Four Writing an exam was the easiest possible way to feel stupid. Saami’ah had spent the past two weeks writing five. She was ready to shun her books for a month – and she’d get exactly that because there were still exams being sat for the next week before their 21 day semester … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twenty Four

Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twenty Three

Chapter Twenty Three When Adnaan had darted into her room, firmly closing the door behind him, Saami’ah had thought there’d been a break in. Her brother wasn’t fleeing burglars though, just the noise that came with both parents periodically checking on him while he tried to sleep. He’d promised that he’d leave within an hour, … Continue reading Fiction: Masquerade Chapter Twenty Three