Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part 14

Part 14 By myself, beholden to no one, forced to hear no lectures. That’s what I want. That’s what Paradise looks like for me. I can’t afford it though. Not because of money – I actually have some tiny savings built up, for the first time in ages. I can’t afford it because no one … Continue reading Fiction: The La Di Da Lady Part 14

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty Three

Chapter Forty Three Aabirah didn’t come down to breakfast the next morning. Holly told him that she’d eaten before he’d woken up. ‘One step forward, two steps back,’ Daaem thought irritably. “What time does she usually get up to eat?” he asked, determined not to miss her the next day. “Very early, Mr. Shaik,” Holly … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty Three

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty Two

Chapter Forty Two Daaem needed a plan. A good one. Aabirah had every reason in the world to hate him and he was about to ask her for forgiveness. He wouldn’t blame her if she slapped him and told him to take a hike. Anxiously, he grabbed his cellphone and texted Adam. ‘This was a … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty Two

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty One

Chapter Forty One “Hello?” Aabirah said cautiously into the phone. Who on Earth could be phoning her? It wasn’t Daaem or her father-in-law... “Hi, Aabirah. This is Iman Cassim, I’m not sure if you remember me?” Aabirah frowned in confusion. “I don’t, I’m sorry. How did you get my number?” “I asked Daaem’s personal assistant,” … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty One

Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty

Chapter Forty “I don’t know,” Daaem admitted. “Are you going to give up again and kill yourself?” Adam asked bluntly. “Or are you going to fight?” “I have been fighting!” Daaem screamed. He’d been fighting all along. Wasn’t he allowed to be tired? Wasn’t he allowed to want it to stop? “No, you haven’t. You … Continue reading Fiction: Transmutation Chapter Forty