What I Am Grateful for this Month

Gratitude – one of the secrets to living a fulfilled life. How often are we grateful? I know I could benefit from counting my blessings more often.

January has been a difficult month for me. It brought with it health difficulties, the death of a friend (may Allah fill her qabr with noor) and some disappointing news from work. It also brought with it challenges with registering for university for the semester – which Alhamdulilah were resolved – and several new opportunities. All in all, I have a great deal to be grateful for constantly and this month in particular despite its trials has given me many new things to be grateful for as well.

Something I learned from doing Ayeina’s #AlhamdulilahForSeries month long challenge and am reminded of every time I think about gratitude is that it can be found in the most unexpected places, should we simply make the effort to go and look for it.

list of gratitude

This month, I am grateful for pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I put myself out there several times – and got no response from a lot of those efforts – but I made them and got a confidence boost from knowing that I was capable of doing them. I’m still going to be putting myself out there in the future and as time goes by, I’m sure that some of those queries and applications will translate into great new opportunities.

I am also grateful for access to healthcare. For a while a few years ago I didn’t have access to medical aid and it changed the way I acted toward going to the doctor. I began to avoid it and put it off. This came to a head at the very beginning of this year when I discovered some health issues had gotten bad to the extent that without the medical care, I wouldn’t have been able to function. I’m incredibly grateful that when I did need the healthcare, I was able to access it without too much headache.

Another thing I’m grateful for is friends. I’ve made a lovely new friend just a few days ago and several of the friends I’ve had for years now have been around me and we’ve all been off work and able to take the chance to reconnect for the first time in months – if not almost a year for a few of us. It’s been lovely to be surrounded by people I’ve been wanting to see but just couldn’t get to due to work and family commitments.

This month – always but especially this month – I’m so grateful for the ability to write. I’ve been finding myself writing from the heart again after such a long time and that ability to reconnect with what I originally fell in love with has been beautiful for me. Alhamdulilah for that experience.

And the last thing I’m incredibly grateful for this month and always is Allah’s mercy. I cannot imagine where I would be without Allah constantly pardoning me and helping me despite my shortcomings and all the ways in which I fall short as a human being who needs a great deal of work and help to be good.

what i am grateful for this month

This post is part of a blog hop! Do join in and share what you’re grateful for this month – it’s a lovely way to reflect back on the month and end it on a good note.

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