Review: Be You

Be You by Kulsoom Kazim

Be You is a self-help book written by Kulsoom Kazim, containing her insight into common problems faced by women around the world and testimonials from clients that she’s helped through her coaching business.

The book is structured into sections, at the end of which there are exercises for the reader to complete so as to examine their mindsets and actions. The author has also chosen to share her life experiences and her journey in an effort to help the reader feel less alone in their struggles.

This book tackles the reader’s outlook on Allah (SWT), their understanding of vision, relationships, self care, and confidence. It seems as though the author’s chosen to appeal to women who are trying to rebuild themselves after coming to a realisation that they’re not at peace with themselves. It’s also mentioned in the book that Kazim is sharing the insight and knowledge that she gained through her own rebuilding.

This wasn’t the type of book that I would read in a single sitting, much like the vast majority of self-help books. It requires some thought and introspection as the reader works through the various sections and challenges.  I found Kazim to have some good insight into the issues she tackled and I particularly appreciated that she devoted a good deal of time to one’s relationship with Allah (SWT) throughout the book.

This book would appeal to someone who’d like to have the support and help of several others’ similar experiences to motivate them as they begin their journey towards improving their outlook and selves as the book is filled with testimonies from other women.

All in all, I would rate it a solid 3.5 stars out of 5 as I did find that Kazim has a good voice. However, I would have preferred for the various accounts of her clients’ experiences with her coaching to be condensed a bit as they did, for me, distract a little from the overall message.

I received the ebook version of this book in return for an honest review.

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