Self Care & Self Acceptance

Assalaamualaykum everyone.

Yesterday I had the chance to do something amazing – I spoke to a group of women at the opening of a womens only salon about self-care and self-acceptance. It was a wonderful event Alhamdulilah but it couldn’t be attended by many because of distance and other constraints so I asked my followers on Facebook to vote and let me know whether they’d like to hear it anyway.

The response was quite positive Alhamdulilah and so I’ve recorded my speech for you all to listen to. It is a bit long – a hair under 20 minutes – but I would love it if you could listen to it In Shaa Allah.



Who knows, if enough people like it, I may decide to do similar things more often. I love the convenience of podcasts myself because I can listen while finishing some other busy work that needs attending to.

Let me know if you’d be interested in listening to more audio clips like this one (but shorter) in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Self Care & Self Acceptance

  1. Wow this is awesome,really inspired by your wonderful speech.please do more of these.Love I’ve learnt so much from reading your blogs and now hearing you speak as well,can’t wait to meet you at the tosh event in Durban.


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