Everything is Going Wrong

We’ve all had those days. Days when it feels like the pressure’s too much and there’s a mountain on our shoulders that just can’t be dropped.

What do you do in a situation like that?

theimperfectmuslimah Everything is Going Wrong

Do you just ignore the difficulty, put your head down and keep stubbornly pushing through? That sounds like the thing to do, doesn’t it? I’ve done it myself sometimes, just pushed through and kept going until eventually either something went right or I’d managed to adjust to whatever had gone wrong.

That sounds like a good idea but it’s not particularly healthy to just keep going until you can’t any more. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and miserable, it’s perfectly alright to go ahead and take some time out to help yourself reset and recover.

In the long run, it’s far healthier to give yourself a small break before you crash and need to come to a full stop because you don’t have any other options any more.

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