Relationships are complicated. Of course they are, they’re built on emotions and feeling which are some of the messiest things in the world. Everyone has relationships – good or bad, strong or weak. Every single human being has relationships, even tiny little babies.

Relationships are complicated. They require compromise and they’re often difficult to maintain. The sad thing is that even putting in effort into relationships doesn’t necessarily guarantee a lack of loneliness. Not without the same effort being put forth by the other side.

Without effort and input from both parties in the relationship, people can feel lonelier whilst they’re with someone than if they were on their own. And finding people who are willing to put in as much effort as you are yourself, that’s hard.

theimperfectmuslimah Relationships

So is it easier then to forsake relationships? Is it easier to simply live without?

Absolutely not. Human beings need relationships, to the extent that studies have shown human babies can stop thriving simply because of emotional neglect.

There’s no way to ensure that your relationships will all be a success. Sometimes people grow apart. Sometimes people misrepresent themselves. Some relationships will break. That’s life, hard as it may be to accept.

But relationships are still good. And when you find good, strong, right relationships? Well, that’s amazing.

2 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Some relationships are there whether we like it or not! Without all kinds of relationships we would be lonely beings searching for the answer to our loneliness. To combat this and help us thrive in all aspects of life such as religion, family life, social life etc we have been given relations. Even if we don’t necessarily ‘get along’ with these people we should still cherish them because once they’re gone it’s too late. In my opinion, relationships with the closest people in my life keeps me happy. Alhamdulilah

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    1. I think there needs to be a balance. Relationships are vital but I believe in prioritizing them. What you’ve said is very telling – relationships with the closest people in your life keep you happy.

      That’s the biggest sign of healthy, fulfilling relationships. It’s when you don’t have this that there starts to be a bit of a problem.

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