Innocence is something we associate with childhood. There’s a perception that innocence is cast off like a cloak as we grow and mature. There’s something incredibly sad about that, to me.

Innocence is something beautiful. Being uncorrupted and pure, that’s not something to be ashamed of.

theimperfectmuslimah Innocence

So why do we cast off innocence so fast?

Is it because the world is so filled with corruption that it leeches onto us as we grow, marring the innocence within us?

Or is it because our youth has been taught to see innocence as a part of childhood and childhood as something to be eager to outgrow?

Perhaps it’s a combination of those things. Whatever it is, I really wish that we all could find just a little more innocence within ourselves. It would make the world a lovelier place by far.

One thought on “Innocence

  1. You are very to the point dear… I do sometimes wonder.. just because we grew did we outgrow innocence too??

    Shame that this world is innocent but the beings in it aren’t!


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