Resisting Taqdeer

I just can’t seem to help myself 🙈

Starting Monday, In Shaa Allah.

Resisting Taqdeer

Zaakir has been a thorn in Azraa’s side her entire life. He’s annoying and smug and all too sure that one day, Azraa will fall for his charms. In his words, “One day, you’ll be mine!”

But will she?

Can Azraa escape Zaakir or is she doomed to be his?


11 thoughts on “Resisting Taqdeer

  1. I missed posts of the last one so didn’t read the full story, so I’m very excited that a new one is starting and hopefully not gonna miss a single post.

    Also, I need to know your secret. How do you have so much time to type so many posts?! 😂

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  2. Yappiiee👏🏼
    I was feeling sad coz there was no post to read from u!!

    Another interesting story….can’t wait💚
    I’m glad I found ur blog

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  3. Yippee!!!
    Can’t wait
    My inbox was gone very quiet since yesterday…
    Also Sister can you continue the story of Iman and Abirah after this one please

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