Finding Blessings

Count your blessings.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. There are times when it’s hard to find blessings. Days when it feels like everything is going wrong and there’s nothing good left in the world to find.

How do you count your blessings when it feels like there aren’t any blessings left?

theimperfectmuslimah Finding Blessings

Change your perspective. It’s hard – it’s really hard. But remembering that there will always be someone who has it worse, that there will always be a way your own life could be harder than it is at the moment – that helps.

It helps to remind you that maybe there isn’t anything solidly fantastic going on in your life. But there are still some things that could be worse. And if all you can manage to be grateful for is that you don’t have to deal with the tragedies that some other unfortunate people do, well that’s better than not being grateful at all.

There are times when I don’t particularly want to count my blessings. Times when it’s easier just to wallow for a bit and rage at the injustices of the world. But living that way is unhealthy. More to the point, it’s miserable.

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find blessings. And sometimes you have to look at things which on the surface seem like curses and find the blessings within them.

Counting your blessings isn’t always easy. But it is worth it.

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