The Comfort of Rock Bottom

You’ve hit rock bottom. It seems like nothing else can go wrong and you’re in the middle of living the worst days of your life.

It’s an awful place to be in, for sure. But there’s an odd sort of comfort in knowing that you’ve hit the absolute worst parts of life. Because you’re getting through it. You’re riding out the storm and eventually, there’ll be something better.

Because hitting rock bottom means there’s nowhere lower to drop. You’ve hit the rock hard bottom and it can’t get any worse than what it already is. And you’re surviving. Every day you spend at rock bottom, you’re still surviving. And that’s still incredibly impressive even though you don’t feel like you’re making progress.

You’re getting through it. And that right there is something to be celebrated.

theimperfectmuslimah The Comfort of Rock Bottom

I hit rock bottom a few times. It’s different every time. I mean, it’s always awful and miserable and all the rest. But it’s still different. A part of me has come to relish the downs just because it means that I now have a place to start pushing back from.

Rock bottom is no longer something to be afraid of for me. I’ve been there before and I’ve clawed my way back up. And funnily enough, I kind of enjoyed the climb.

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