Embracing Flaws

I have a temper. I’m too attached to chocolate. I avoid confrontation even when it would be better not to.

These are a couple of my flaws. Flaws are something we’re taught to conceal, out of shame and embarrassment. And perhaps there’s an element of truth to the assertion that no one wants to see your flaws. They’re not particularly pretty or prized, else they wouldn’t be flaws.

But flaws also make us human. And trying to create a flawless society is doomed to failure. We’re just not capable of it.

theimperfectmuslimah Embracing Flaws

Why are we so enamoured by flawlessness, or rather, the perception of flawlessness? It is because it looks nice? Because it seems better? Or is it just because we’ve never actually tried to show our flaws and so don’t know any different?

Do we become worse as our flaws are revealed? Or are we better?

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