The Many Types of Beauty

Kittens. Deep, intense eyes. Fairy lights. The best, brightest smile.

Those are a few things I find beautiful. Know what else is beautiful?

That feeling you get in your stomach that makes you grin and blush when you’re given a lovely compliment. The enthusiasm on the face of a person talking about that one topic that they love most in the whole wide world.

And one other thing. You, dear reader. You are beautiful.

There are many kinds of beauty. Some show on a face, some in the way a person behaves. And then there’s the kind of beauty that’s written on a soul.

There’s beauty in nature, in sound and taste and the written word.

In short, our world is filled to the brim with loveliness, loveliness that Allah has allowed us to experience. Alhamdulilah.

theimperfectmuslimah The Many Types of Beauty

I remember hearing once that people become their personalities after a while. After some indeterminate amount of time, the people you love become even more beautiful because of the happy memories you associate with them and because of how intimately you know them.

We all see beauty differently and there’s something beautiful out there for everyone.

That just makes me really happy. The thought that despite the fact that beauty isn’t necessarily appreciated unanimously, it is appreciated nonetheless. It seems almost more special for the exclusivity.

The most beautiful thing in the world, in my mind, is hope. And joy’s not far behind.

What do you find beautiful?

5 thoughts on “The Many Types of Beauty

  1. 1) The misty morning breeze in a peaceful little farm town. 2) That feeling of hot tea spreading warmth within your heart. 3) The appreciation of life’s simple pleasures like driving through a pretty street or laughing with people you love. 4) life’s not so simple pleasures- like a rash decision to explode into a pile of shopping bags . 5) Forcing yourself to do absolutely nothing but switch your phone off and sleep through an entire day , getting up for nothing but meals and salaah. 6) That Friday Jumuah or Ramadan feeling when almost everyone, well more people than usual are doing the same thing and dressing the same way and basically just taking steps to fulfill our purpose on this earth. 7) When babies stare into your eyes. 8) When toddlers try to copy you as you read salaah. 9) Speaking to Allah as you fall asleep about anything and everything and trying to explain the most minute details of your feelings, though you’re at peace understanding that He knows even what you forget to say. 10) Tahajjud salaah. When none are awake but that select few who will be demanding entry into paradise as I’ve heard. 11) The bliss you feel from within after having given in charity or lighten anyone’s burden in anyway. 12) The contentment that follows after remembering that what’s meant for you will get to you even if it is beneath two mountains. 13) When a reader comments that your blog has helped or guided or reminded them in some way and you recall how this is one of the reasons you take the time to write in the first place (btw. You should feel this right now , Neymat. For inspiring this appreciation for beauty.)

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  2. SubhanAllah you said it so perfectly! I find beautiful the relationships we have with people, those that start from a small smile spread among strangers to late-night messages among friends. Allah has just blessed us with so much beauty. Alhamdulillah 💖

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  3. I find the ocean beautiful….like you can stare and never get enough and a person who can talk confidently and express their veiws in an easy manner no matter who the audience

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