The Constancy of Learning

Life is full of lessons for those willing to pay attention and learn. I firmly believe that it’s possible to learn something new and valuable every single day until the day you die. And I also believe that it’s possible to nurture a constant passion for learning. But the key word there is nurture. Learning cannot occur without willingness and enthusiasm – not in any kind of enjoyable way at least. There are those lessons that life teaches despite our best efforts to bury our heads in the sand and turn away from the wisdom.

But that kind of learning isn’t the kind I’m talking about right now. What I refer to when I say ‘constant learning’ is the learning we can sometimes do without even noticing it in any kind of remarkable way. It’s possible to learn from books, from other people, even from a TV or laptop despite what some may say.

theimperfectmuslimah The Constancy of Learning

It’s incredibly easy to be learning all the time if only you allow yourself to be surrounded by the right resources and are willing to pay just a little bit of attention to them. We’re incredibly fortunate to be in a period of time where the literacy rate is as high as its ever been and where information is available to a large percentage of the world with just a few clicks.

It would be almost criminal to not make full use of that.

But there are other kinds of learning as well. A more personal kind. Today, I haven’t learned any new information yet. But, I’ve learned something new about myself and my own emotions which is just as, if not more, important to explore!

What’s your favourite kind of learning? I love passive learning more than any other kind – the way that we can absorb little tid-bits of information while in the middle of a bigger, more involved task is just fascinating – and efficient!

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