The Inevitability of Tragedy

Tragedy is something we all must accept. It will happen to every one of us, no matter how hard we try to run from it. There will be a day that is the worst one of your entire life, a day during which you feel more pain than you could ever have imagined was possible.

Tragedy is inevitable. And that’s a little terrifying.

If you think about it long enough in the right direction, it’s bound to make you feel hopeless. Why try because one day your pride and joy will be nothing but dust? Why love if you know in the back of your head that the person you adore with such fervour will one day breathe the last breath of their whole life, perhaps before you yourself breathe your own last?

Everything will come to an end one day. So why keep going until the end? Why not just give up right here and now and stop striving to fill the seconds, days and years until that ending with meaning and beauty?

It’s inevitable, after all. As pointless as trying to stop the sun from setting.

But the fact that tragedy will occur is also bizarrely comforting in a way. For if there must be a day that is the worst day of your life, surely the opposite must also occur? Surely there should be a day that is the best day of your life? A time when you’re filled with so much joy that it’s almost hard to believe it’s real.

And when you look at in that slightly sickening optimistic way, it suddenly becomes a little easier to breathe. Reminding yourself that the bad needs to be taken with the good instead of focusing on one and turning away from the other is an awful way to live life.

So yes, tragedy is inevitable. But so is triumph.

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