12 Short Stories

I have a new challenge! (I love challenges).

Some of you may have noticed me uploading these images every day – I’ve been calling it my 100 Words a Day challenge.

I’m adding onto that with my new challenge which is to write 12 short stories this year, one per month. Each story will go up on the last day of the month.

You can help me with these stories! How? Check out the Facebook album (you don’t need an account to view it) or my Instagram and vote for your favourite of the 24 images. The most popular one will be turned into this month’s short story.

There’s just one catch though. These stories will be sent out via my newsletter so you have to sign up if you’d like to read them. All you need is an email address and on the 30th, this month’s story will be emailed to you.

Voting ends on the 25th of January!

5 thoughts on “12 Short Stories

  1. Wow you’re a proper writeaholic! How do you write so much, can you please lend me some of your stamina because I feel too lazy to write everyday🙈
    On another note,carry on doing your amazing work. I love your writing mashaAllah👍 best of luck on your book as well❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😂
      I was just thinking to myself the other day that I love how long your posts are compared to mine and feeling bad about how little I’m writing lately!

      Honestly, it is hard sometimes. The most important thing is carving out some kind of routine (and people asking for more does help sometimes). But I still have a looong way to go!

      Also, Jazakallah khair for the kind words ❤ I really appreciate it ❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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