100 Words a Day: Day 13

Prompt: Pattern

It was starting to become a pattern. Wake up, endure school and then… come here 

He didn’t know what it was about this abandoned house that drew him to it, day in and day out.

He knew that his father would be furious to know his son was trespassing on private property.

But he couldn’t help it. Something about the lonely place saddened him. People looked away from it and pretended it didn’t exist. But it still stood there. Almost like it was waiting for something.

He wondered who’d lived there before. Why had they just left it like this?

3 thoughts on “100 Words a Day: Day 13

  1. How many days do you have to write this?
    We are missing your storywriting. Please can you start a new story or give more regular posts of the current one.
    Your writing is excellent and addictive!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not something that I have to write, it’s just something that I’m enjoying doing 😊 It’s been so regular because it only takes me around 5 minutes to write these little ones

      I am working on The Art of Mutual Destruction as often as I can but since it’s been holiday time, I’ve also been spending time with family. Now that holidays are over, I will have more time to write that In Shaa Allah.


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