Vulnerability is tough. Letting someone see your actual weak spots takes trust and that’s something I no longer have a great deal of.

I admire people who allow themselves to be vulnerable. There’s something beautiful about the relationship that allows vulnerability without any kind of anxiety or fear of judgement and I’d love to experience that again.

theimperfectmuslimah Vulnerability

Consciously allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be incredibly empowering. It takes a lot of strength to get to a point where you can seriously consider it. And that vulnerability can result in a much stronger, deeper relationship. It can also result in a greater self-assurance, knowing that you’re capable of opening up so much to another person.

I’ve been vulnerable to people before. It’s gone well. It’s also gone terribly. I think the lesson I’ve learnt is to make sure the person who gets to see all of you is worthy of the honour. Make sure they’re the type of person capable of understanding what they’ve been given and not someone who’ll abuse their new knowledge.

Easier said than done.

Most importantly, don’t let one horrible person stop you from allowing yourself to bring down your walls with someone who actually does deserve to see what’s behind them.

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