The Art of Mutual Destruction

For those who aren’t sure – Yes, Transmutation is over. I’m happy with the ending – it was always meant to end where it did and by now, I know better than to try and force a story to carry on beyond where it’s meant to.

It’s now time to move on to the next thing:


The Art of Mutual Destruction doesn’t have a concrete start date yet – all I can say is that it will be soon.

In the meantime though, I have a new project that I’m starting – 100 Words a Day. I plan to write at least 100 words based on a randomly generated prompt every single day. We’ll see how that goes.

I haven’t decided yet whether or not I’ll be posting each writing prompt separately (or even if I’ll post them here at all – please help me decide in the comments!)

10 thoughts on “The Art of Mutual Destruction

  1. This story was phenomenal, I’ve been hooked ever since the prologue posted on ‘Tales of the sisterhood’ blog….ure a very giftd writer alhamdulila n I look fwd to reading more of ur work in the future inshaallah…..Jzk khiar for an excellent read!!!!!


  2. First of all, ur story transmutation ended beautifully… Its perfect MashaAllah…
    Secondly, can’t wait to read the next story… Title is really mysterious n intriguing…
    Last but not least please post whatever u write here… Its always a pleasure to read posts by u…

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