Trust is a gift. It’s one that must be freely given – trust cannot be stolen or demanded. That’s contrary to how it works.

I don’t trust easy. I used to and I was shown the error of my ways. Hard.

theimperfectmuslimah Trust

Now, I can say that I unconditionally trust Allah (SWT) always. On good days, I trust others. On bad days, I trust them conditionally.

I hate that some bad experiences have allowed me to colour my feelings towards people as a whole but feelings are like that. They’re irrational and they don’t work well with logic.

I’d always seen trust as something that should be freely given until circumstances changed to make the person untrustworthy and I really do wish I could go back to that. Maybe one day I will. But, as things stand, my unconditional trust is about as easy to get as shattering a diamond with your bare hands – not happening too soon.

I really do hope that I can get back to the trusting person that I was. Being jaded isn’t much fun. But… right now, it doesn’t seem too likely.

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