You Can’t

Here’s the thing:

You can’t pick fault with every part of her then get offended when she laughs in your face on the day when you compliment her.

You can’t abandon her when she needs help then tell her you’re proud when she claws her way to success and expect it to matter to her.

You can’t hurt ‘to help’ and expect it to be forgotten as though it’s nothing.

You can’t justify every action with the co-incidental fact that everything turned out okay.

You can’t tell her to settle then insist you’re ojnly looking out for her best.

You can’t make her miserable then say it’s for her own good.

You just can’t.

theimperfectmuslimah You Can't

This is a little different to my usual – it’s not edited or anything like that, just a quick thing that I dashed off after one too many straws breaking.

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