Nature is something that I’ve always appreciated. Just, not when it’s right on top of me. I adore the pretty scenery but I don’t feel the urge to go bury my face in a bush or roll around on the grass.

It’s all gorgeous but I’d prefer it in small doses. Oh, and if the bugs could be subtracted from the equation, that would be awesome, thanks!

Still, I love nature. I always thought that I didn’t because I didn’t feel the need to immerse myself in it fully. But I do. I just prefer to admire it all in small doses.

There’s also the little point that Durban isn’t the best place to find some of the sights that I’d absolutely adore seeing in person – forests, waterfalls, snow.

I guess a better way of putting it would be – I don’t like the beach. Or palm trees. And that’s basically all of what’s on offer where I am.

theimperfectmuslimah Nature

I get a thrill every time I see the rain though. And I have danced in it on two beautiful, stunningly embarrassing occasions.

I also love flowers – but I’m not good at tending them. I’d love a tiny little pot plant that had instructions on the side for how to care for it and an alarm that beeped when the poor thing needed water or sunlight or plant food (etc. etc. etc.)

I’m not the best nature lover – I pick and choose which parts of it I’d like to get close to. But I do appreciate the awesomeness of nature as a whole. Of the numerous miracles Allah (SWT) has allowed us to bear witness to in His creation.

What’s your favourite part of nature?

5 thoughts on “Nature

  1. I had to lol at the burying your face in a bush or rolling in the grass. Im totally opposite. When I went on holoday I missed my park more than my house.!


  2. I absolutely love going to the beach!!! But i hate getting messy lol i love going to the beach for walks on the pier….hust to stare at the ocean or to sit in the dry sand. I dont like getting into the water and the messyness when coming out!

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  3. Oops…. The beach is the only place I love. An unpopulated one at that. Just me and the huge wide sea. A few crashing waves. The cool wind…. 😍😍😍
    Forests creep me out. The bugs. Snakes. Wild animals. The tall looming trees. It gives me shivers.
    However, Waterfalls and snow are on my bucket list… So still undecided about those two…

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