White. Black. Red. Green.

Bags or leaves.

Milk or not.

Sweetened, unsweetened. Hot or iced.


Did you know that tea used to be a delicacy? Yup!

Tea is a beloved beverage and has been for the longest time.

theimperfectmuslimah Tea

I’ve loved tea for as long as I can remember. When I was little, it was sugary, milky black tea made even sweeter by dunking a ridiculous number of biscuits in it. Slowly, as I grew and my taste buds matured, the amount of sugar decreased and the number of cups drunk in a day grew – sharply.

Tea has always been something of a comfort object for me. Curling up with a large mug and a good book is one of my favourite things in the world – second only to the rush of buying a stack of new books.

But I digress.

There was a time when I stopped drinking tea completely. You see, I’d just discovered coffee and I was madly in love. So tea sort of fell by the wayside for a little while. Now, though, I drink both tea and coffee and love them each in different ways.

…I have very strong feelings about beverages.

What’s your favourite drink?

16 thoughts on “Tea

  1. Everyones favourite subject. I hated it until I lived in a flat with no central heating. Then I drank it to keep warm now I’m addicted and have to have at least 2 biscuits with 1 cup.

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  2. I’m a 100% tea person! I love the smell of coffee, but I can’t drink it usually, unless I really need the caffeine. I’m a bit of a tea-snob though…I prefer loose leaf teas that I put in my hand-sewn reusable tea bags, and I only sweeten with honey! lol My faves these days are pure fennel tea and Earl Grey =D

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      1. I know what you mean!!!! I have been missing my loose leaves here in Algeria. Pretty much the only kinds of tea you can get here are a loose leaf Arabic tea, which I like but it is far to strong for every day use, and then bags of tea which are all fake flavoring =( Whenever I go back to the UK I always bring myself a stash of good tea haha

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      1. Hmmm I wouldn’t…I don’t think Earl Grey is traditionally done with milk (I think if anything it is usually served with lemon), and I think the citrus and bergamot is too light to take milk very well. But sugar of course is fine haha =) though I prefer honey!

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  3. Exactly my sentiments…
    I have separate choices of tea and coffee… if i want to dunk something in it, it’ll be tea… if i am only drinking it, its gonna be COFFFEE all the way…
    But one thing irks me alot… and that is people who drink DECAF coffee… “dude, why even drink coffee if you dont want caffeine”…
    Your posts are so relatable, its almost creepy as if you are reading my exact thoughts on the topic… Similar personalities huh?

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